Plasma cannon
Connections 1
Mass 1
Dimensions 1x1x2
Restitution 0.5
Friction 1

(Inherits from bot part)

Consumes a flux capacitor's stored energy to shoot plasma orbs.

Input/Output Description Data Type
>shoot Fire onces, each time it's changed from false to true decimal
>energy_source Reference to the energy source (flux capacitor "<part") part
<shoot_force The kinetic energy of the recently shot projectile as it has been expelled from the muzzle part

Shoot ForceEdit

The way plasma projectiles behave depend on how much energy the plasma cannon receives from its energy source. This means that if it receives more energy it has a higher range and may deal more damage.

Each shot will completly empty the capacitor. If the capacitor isn't fully loaded, it will consume the already stored energy only, while there is a given minimum ammount of energy required before it is able to shoot again.