v0.0.11 of oscillator

Oscillator Parameters

oscillator parameters

Generates oscillated output signals.


Input/Output Description Data Type
>time Overrides the use of the internal clock (wont work correctly if not connected to an output) decimal
>time_scale not confirmed yet (seems not to work atm) decimal
>amplitude The peak value of the signal either side of zero, assuming no offset is applied decimal
>frequency The number of cycles that the output signal passes through each second decimal
>phase Determines how far into a cycle the oscillator will start (time offset) decimal
>offset Offsets the signal value decimal
>type Determines the output waveform enumeration
>invert Determines whether the output waveform is inverted boolean
<sample The oscillated signal decimal

Alternative Time InputEdit

The >time input allowes to override the inner clock of the oscillator.

If it is not set, the inner clock runs in a 0 to 1 loop, but as soon as it is connected to an output it will ignore the inner clock and listen to the input value. If this value is outside the 0-1 range, it will be converted (modulo), which means a >time value of 2.25 would be converted to 0.25. The oscillator now constantly outputs the value which it generates at 1/4 of its full cycle.

This offers a great span of applications. For example, the >time could be connected to an input sampler's <sample. When now incresing or decresing the sample with key-inputs, the oscillator steps forwards or backwards.

Another common use for >time is to syncronize two or more oscillators. This could be done by setting up an oscillator with ">type Sawtooth" and ">amplitude .5" (Other inputs remain default). This "clock" will now generate a consistent -0.5 to 0.5 looped signal (starting at 0). Connected to the >time inputs of the oscillators which should be syncronized, will ensure that they do so.

That's also the moment where >phase becomes of interest, as it is able to add an offset to the >time. If one of the syncronized oscillators should be 1/4 cycle ahead the others, its >phase needs to be set to 0.25 (-0.75 would be the same).