Math function

math function v0.0.11

Performs different mathematical operations on two input values.

Input/Output Description Data Type
>in_a Input value a decimal
>in_b Input value b decimal
>type Defines which operation will be performed enumeration
<out Output value decimal
math operations (some operations ignore in_b)
Type Operation Description
ADD Addition $ {\color{white} a + b }{\color{Red}} $
SUBS Subtraction $ {\color{white} a - b }{\color{Red}} $
MULT Multiplication $ {\color{white} a * b }{\color{Red}} $
DIV Division $ {\color{white} a / b }{\color{Red}} $
MOD Modulo Finds the remainder of division $ {\color{white} a / b }{\color{Red}} $ of one number by another
SIN Sine $ {\color{white} \sin{a} }{\color{Red}} $
COS Cosinus $ {\color{white} \cos{a} }{\color{Red}} $
TAN Tangent $ {\color{white} \tan{a} }{\color{Red}} $
SQR Square root $ {\color{white} \sqrt{a} }{\color{Red}} $
ABS Absolute value $ {\color{white} |a| }{\color{Red}} $
MIN Min value Outputs the lower value of $ {\color{white} a }{\color{Red}} $ and $ {\color{white} b }{\color{Red}} $ (useful as a max-cap)
MAX Max value Outputs the higher value of $ {\color{white} a }{\color{Red}} $ and $ {\color{white} b }{\color{Red}} $ (useful as a min-cap)
POW Power $ {\color{white} a^{b} }{\color{Red}} $
EXP Exponent $ {\color{white} \exp{a} }{\color{Red}} $
LOG Logarithm $ {\color{white} \log{a} }{\color{Red}} $
CEIL Ceiling $ {\color{white} \lceil a \rceil }{\color{Red}} $
FLOOR Floor $ {\color{white} \lfloor a \rfloor }{\color{Red}} $
ROUND Rounding The ordinary rounding of $ {\color{white} a }{\color{Red}} $ to the nearest integer
SIGN Sign $ {\color{white} \sgn{a} }{\color{Red}} $