Connections 1
Mass 1
Dimensions 2x2x2
Restitution 0.5
Friction 1

(Inherits from bot part)

A mysterious cube, using hyperspace-technology to absorb and store the information of bot parts or even smaller bots with a maximum ammount of twenty parts.

The stored information can then be used to pop the parts out in front of the cube, or to transfer it through a pipe. At the end of the pipe there may be a hypercannon to shoot the transfered part out.

Input/Output Description Data Type
>Pop Pops one of the stored parts/bots out in front of the cube on every change from true to false (first-in-first-out) decimal
>Pipe_pop Transfers one of the stored parts/bots through the pipe on every change from true to false (first-in-first-out) decimal
<Pipe Transferes information when activated and connected to a transceiver (e.g. hypercannon) part


A hypercubes main ability is to act as a part-storrage, but in combination with a hypercannon it can become a powerfull weapon or a teleporter for parts and smaller bots with ease.

It has a limit of 20 parts that can be taken in at once but like no limit on how many parts can be stored inside it.

Absorbing parts which are currently focused by the view will reset the focus.

Sometimes it happens that the hypercube absorbs a part which it is connected to. In this case, the cube will absorb itself too and their information will be lost in the hyperspace.

Usually, when absorbing parts which are connected to each other, the information about their connections will be restored when popping them out. An issue causes this information to be lost after saving and resetting twice while they are stored.

In earlier versions, after activating the pipe while there was nothing connected to it, the informations of the transfered part/bot was lost. In later versions nothing will happen in this case.