Connections 1
Mass 1
Dimensions 1x1x1
Restitution 0.5
Friction 1

(Inherits from bot part)

They operate similarly to jets, the key difference being that their thrust is always applied vertically upwards, regardless of their orientation, as long as they don't face downwards.

Hovers are used to provide lift for bots operating on the surface, in air or in space and will not operate in water (It may happen that they also wont work in space in future versions).

Input/Output Description Data Type
>lift force that the hover will create decimal

Usage Edit

For positive values of >lift, a proportional force will be exerted vertically upwards through the centre of the hover. Negative lift values will be ignored.

Visually, hovers appear to have rotating blades and will expell a small cone of purple exhaust gasses, the size and intensity of which is dependent on the thrust (this will not damage any parts it touches).

The most common use for hovers is to provide lift for flying bots. Typicallly, lift values in the order of 100s are used for small to medium bots, but exact lift values and numbers of hovers required are highly situational. In most applications, multiple hovers are used, with a control system to keep the bot level.