Flux capacitor
Connections 1
Mass 1
Dimensions 1x1x0.5
Restitution 0.5
Friction 1

(Inherits from bot part)

Continuously generates and stores energy which can be consumed by parts like plasma cannons.

Input/Output Description Data Type
>capacitance Maximum ? decimal


A flux capacitor is used by linking its <part with an energy consuming part's >energy_source in the visual programming screen. At the moment, they are not required to be physically connected with each other in order to work.

The higher its >capacitance is set, the more energy can be stored, but there is a given maximum value and a constant charge rate.

The state of a capacitor can be seen by its glow. An unlit capacitor is empty, a flashing capacitor is charging, and a fully lit capacitor is charged. However, there is no way to determine the current ammount of stored energy yet (<capacity output requested on the froum).