Connections 1
Mass 1
Dimensions 1x1x0.5
Restitution 0.5
Friction 1

(Inherits from bot part)

This part allows you to have a view in the game. It also can detect parts inside an adjustable area in front of it and outputs a reference to the closest detected part.

Input/Output Description Data Type
>near Sets the field of vision's starting distance from the camera lens (0-200) decimal
>far Sets the field of vision's maximum distance from the camera lens (0-200) decimal
>size Sets the field of vision's width and height (0-100) decimal
<activity Gets the total number of parts detected within the field of vision decimal
<detected Gets the closest part reference within the field of vision part


Notice, a camera is not just to add eyes to your bots, it also works as an encapsulation of each bot's program. This is really needed to prevent overlaps of multiple input samplers key-press-detection.

For example, two ellbows in your world, listening to the "w/s" keys via two different input samplers in their visual program, will both react on these inputs, as long as they aren't related to a camera. This means, as soon as a part is related to a construction which contains at least one camera, it will be encapsulated from the rest of the world.

When pressing keys in this case, only these visual programs, which are related to the actual focused part/construction, will listen to these inputs.

There are cases, where parts aren't connected physically, but via their visual programming operands, which also counts as a "logic-connection" and therefor, they are also related to this encapsulated system.